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Arbella 7th International Photography Competition


The Arbella 7th International Photography Competition is the latest installment in our committed effort to bring together photographers and artists from across Turkey and around the world. This annual competition has grown tremendously in popular and participation every year and is a key component of our commitment to social responsibility, our support of artistic projects and our corporate identity as a whole.

For our seventh year of the competition, we have established the following new and unique categories: “Healthy Living with Pasta,” “Children’s Games from the Past to the Future,” “Sports,” and “Open.”

“Healthy Living with Pasta”: 
Everyone from seven to seventy loves eating pasta. The universal flavour of pasta makes it one of the easiest and most fun foods to prepare and share. With its unique characteristics, as well as its health benefits, we aim to draw attention to pasta’s contribution to a healthy life.

“Children’s Games from the Past to the Future”: 
In today’s modern society, increased urbanization has led to the disappearance of playgrounds in many places. Video games played at home have begun to replace traditional children’s games. While parents may not mind their kids coming home with clean faces, the social interaction inherent in outdoor play is being lost, leaving a generation of kids feeling lonely and detached. Some fear that the games that children used to play in the streets have been forgotten, or are in danger of being forgotten very soon. Let’s prove that the old games are still alive and teach them to our children again in the “Children’s Games from the Past to the Future” category. We are calling on photographers to “take to the streets” and capture today’s youth playing games outside, where they’ve always been meant to be played.

With the exception of pasta, sport may be the only thing that the whole world has in common. Every nation in the world participates in sport, whether it be local or international, amateur or professional, traditional or niche. Show us how your corner of the world participates in sport, with a special emphasis on what makes your country’s sport unique and exciting.


The Arbella 7th Annual Photography Competition consists of four categories:

A - Healthy Living with Pasta (Digital: Colour)
B - Children’s Games from the Past to the Future (Digital: Colour)
C - Sports (Digital: Colour or Black and White)
D - Free (Digital: Colour or Black and White)


Participation Start Date : 01 January 2017
Deadline for Submission : 16 April 2017 at 23:00 (Turkish local time)
Selecting Committee Meeting : 22-23 April 2017
Result Notification : 01 May 2017
Publication of prize winning photographs on website : 01 May 2017
Catalogue Publication : 30 May 2017

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